Buongiorno from Rome!

Are you planning to come to Rome? Your stay should become memorable and unique, hence well planned, and I wish to plan it together with you, exactly as you dream it to become. No queues, minimal fuss and maximum satisfaction, this will be our aim.

My name is Leena, and I am professional licensed guide in Rome and work with tourism since 1990’s. I was born in Finland, married in Italy and lived many years right in the heart of Rome. So I know all the tiny mews and special hidden places... and I even know how to drive and park in the center, just in case you'd have your own or a rented car.

Italy’s incredible history, the Emperors, the popes, the art-history really excites me - how the ancient Romans lived, the rice and fall of the Empire, the wicked stories about the mad Emperors… It is a great challenge to describe all this in an interesting and breathtaking way!

We can visit together the ancient Rome, Colosseum and the Forum area, Campidoglio and the Capitolium hill, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, the Navona square with it’s again famous fountains, the Vatican, St. Peter's Basilica, Castel St. Angelo, the famous museums with unique masterpieces….

-or you might want a deeper look on something special, just let me know and I will come with suggestions.

My passion is art; renaissance, baroque, -the artists and their masterpieces, (starting from the musts, Michelangelo, Raphael, Caravaggio, Bernini, Borromini, Canova), …

I can take you, your family, friends or work colleagues on an enjoyable, informative and professionally run tour around the eternal city and beyond. You will have your own personal GRAND TOUR of Rome!

If you stay several days you might start feeling for a quiet escape from the crowds? Colors, life and a taste of the real Roman countryside? together we could head for Tivoli, Villa Adriana, Ostia or Castel Gandolfo where the pope's summer palace is. Or, as I actually live in Bracciano now, I could introduce you to my tiny hometown, it's marvelous lake (and if is a swimming season the better!) and the grandiose Odescalchi castle, where among others Tom Cruise had his fabulous wedding-party.

My pricing is very fair and families will always have a special concern and pricing with me!

Generally speaking a halfday tour costs about 150  euros, full day 200-250 euros depending on the season and the group size. From the menù you will find my Rome main excursions, but you may always request for your own personalized tour! 

you can find out more on my Facebook page, just click ROME TOUR GUIDE!!

looking forward hearing from you, and welcome to Italy!



leenakn@icloud.com  +3298598828