some classical excursions in Rome




















The amazing past of the ancient Rome, the mad Emperors, the gods and goddesses, the Vestal vergins, the gladiators at the Colosseum...the life in the Æternal City with 1 million inhabitants 2000 years ago... It is a great challenge to describe all this, but I promise that the visit will be unique and Rome will appear alive in front of your eyes! We start from the Capitolium hill, where the Roman god's lived, then the Forum Romanum and Palatine hill for a deeper understanding and a closer look , this was the pulsing heart of the Roman Empire! The tour ends with the magnificent Colosseum, you will hear everything about the gladiators, the wild animal fights and all diffrent kinds of spectations. The ancient Rome will appear alive in front of you!


A full immersion to the Popes reign during the renaissance, their lavish commissions and the birth of astonishing masterpieces... the lives of the great masters like Michelangelo, Raphael, Bramante and Bernini, the passion behind their work. The huge papal collections of ancient art and sculpture and last but not least, --the Sixtine Chapel with Michelangelo's breathtaking frescoes, the Genesis and the Last Judgement. We then carry on to the St Peter's basilica, --again masterpieces like Pietà and a lot more. An emotional tour to visit the greatest of the renaissance art.















Treat yourself with a private art-history tour, a full  immersion to the Baroque world, to the world of Scipione Borghese, Pope's nephew and the most knowledgeable and ruthless art collector of his day.

You will follow Caravaggio's unfortunate life-story viewing his sensational and dramatic masterpieces,.... you will admire Bernini's spectacular sculptures....

And what about Antonio Canova's daring depiction of Napoleon's sister, Paolina Bonaparte Borghese, reclining topless as Venere vincitrice?

.... or Raphael's extraordinary Deposition,  Correggio's erotic Danae...?

No wonder many art loving visitor's choose this collection as number one of the Roman sights.














Emperor Hadrian's magnificent villa was built between 118 and 138 AD.  Hadrian loved both architecture and traveling, he was a very special and highly cultured Emperor. So he designed much of the villa himself, remembering what he had seen around during his travels. The very touching main sights are the Canopo, and the Teatro Marittimo; your visit will be accompanied by Hadrians life-story, the story of his lover, -the young and beautiful Antinoo who drowned at the age of 19.... you will just love the atmosphere, the ruins of this huge villa of the ancient world, and the melancholic feeling it still keeps. 

We now carry on to Tivoli, to visit a stunning renaissance villa with it's monumental fountains. This superb villa belonged to Lucrezia Borgia's son, cardinal Ippolito D'Este, ..who had it designed by Pirro Ligorio, who also excavated Villa Adriana...such deep connections...





"For Rome, a lifetime is not enough", is what the Romans why don't we just give up and see as much as we can! SO, just one day, but very intense, and you will see both the most amazing ancient Rome and the Vatican museum! 3 hours during the morning, a comfortable lunch break at around Pantheon, (not a bad choice) and at about 2,30- 3 pm, the Vatican museum, Sixtine Chapel and St Peter's Basilica. 


We'll do all this chatting and relaxed, with an aim to get a good idea about everything. Depending on your choice, we'll use public transport or taxi to move during the midday.














We could visit the most beautiful squares of Rome, a lovely walking tour through the Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Navona square and the Spanish Steps... specially suitable for your first day in Rome!

We could follow Caravaggios paths in Rome, seeing his marvelous paintings in 3 different church chapels ; getting to know all details and gossips about his tragic and often violent life. 


All religious tours are very special in Rome, the pilgrim routes, the jubilee tours and the catacombs together with the early christian basilicas.


If you are not in hurry you might enjoy a day outside Rome, Bracciano,with it's lovely lake, Cerveteri and the Etruscan tombs, or Castel Gandolfo were the pope's summer residence lays.